Chris Dunn started tinkering with balsa wood, wire, an air brush, and many other components several years ago with the desire to build a better flat sided crankbait. There were many failures in the beginning, but after much trial and error, the recipe came together. At first he made the lures only for himself and a few fishing buddies, friends, and family alike. But the baits popularity began to grow as word spread about these little hand made crankbaits. The few who had them wanted more, and those who didn't started asking Chris to build them a few baits. The ball started rolling from there.

     From the beginning, Chris' dream was to build a bait with a top quality, custom paint job, superior durability, proper action, and most importantly, one that catches fish. Soon the BS1 was born, and after having success with the bait himself, Chris introduced it to a few of his closest fishing buddies. It wasn't very long until those fishing buddies were asking for more baits in more colors. After having a few more fishermen ask about the baits, Chris started Big Sack Custom Lures.

     It has remained small scale over the years, but has grown in small steps as the baits have been exposed to more fishermen and demand increased. Chris' desire to get his lures into the hands of more and more bass anglers has led him to start this website. The product line has grown as well. Chris now has several different body styles in the balsa crankbaits to choose from. He also has several different body styles in plastic crankbait blanks that he custom paints. And if your game is swimming a jig, he's got a line of swimming jigs as well.

     Every balsa crankbait in the Big Sack product line is hand built from start to finish. Every plastic blank is custom painted by hand. The lead in every jig is hand poured, hand painted, and every skirt is assembled by hand. Chris takes great pride in his work and is constantly searching for ways to improve his already top quality products, as well as expand his product line.

     From Chris Dunn and Big Sack Custom Lures, thank you to all who visit this site, good fishing, and tight lines. See you on the water.

Chris Dunn

Big Sack Custom Lures