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Big Sack Custom LuresFrom start to finish, our flat sided balsa crankbaits are hand built one at a time. Each bait features a one piece stainless steel wire harness that makes up the line tie, and both front and rear hook hangers. There are no glued in, or screwed in hanger's, or belly weights here. They also feature a free floating weight system inside the body of the lure. This gives them a low frequency knock as the lure swims along. The top coat is a durable, non-yellowing clear coat that has been specially formulated for wooden lures.The color's offered are our proven standard's. If you would like something different, drop us a line on the contact page, with a description of what you're looking for, and we'll do what ever we can to accommodate your request. Please note that additional charges may apply for special requests.
Our hand poured Swim Jigs feature hand tied, 75 strand skirts, and 5/0 heavy wire, black nickel hooks. Custom painted heads are also available upon request.
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